You have chosen to search for Walla Walla Listings. Here are some helpful hints.


1) If you are an active buyer, hopefully you have been to your lender for a prequalification letter. Why a prequal letter? When you make an offer or just looking at homes sellers want to know if you as a buyer can purchase their home. REO and foreclosure companies will demand a prequal letter on every offer. Having done your home work in acquiring a prequal letter, your offer will be given more consideration.


2) Being an active buyer looking for that home that fits your needs I would suggest you send me an email and request that you be put on auto email through my multiple listing services. As properties are listed you will be sent out new listings immediately that meet your parameters. You do not have to do anything except check your email.


3) Foreclosures and REO properties. Every one of these properties are being listed through a multiple listing service. All offers are submitted on line and you will need to choose a Real Estate Broker who understands this system to make any offer on one of these properties.


4) Foreclosure and REO properties can be bought at very reasonable prices if you have the patience. Typically they will reduce every 2-3 weeks to help lenders get rid of inventory in a hurry. A few of these homes can only be bought with cash or a renovation loan.


Do not forget to send me that email so that I can place you on the auto email list.

Thank You!