Looking to sell your home? 

It might be wise to obtain a home warranty.  When a seller signs up for a home warranty there typically is not an up front cost for most Home Warranty Companies.  No up front inspections are required. The Home Warranty covers sellers for the first 6 months of the listing and may be extended. The Home Warranty covers the buyer from the date of closing for 1 year. Buyers can purchase an additional year.  The home warranty is not the same as your Home Insurance.  A Home Warranty covers your major appliances, wiring, heat system, air conditioner (some charge an up front fee for A/C), interior plumbing, kitchen appliances, and other items.  You may purchase other items if you choose to. Upon selling your home, the buyer does an inspection and some items need repaired, your Home Warranty Co. may cover some of those repairs.  Keep in mind there is a service deductible for each type of service call and a limit to the repair amount.  Always read your plan.  In offering a Home Warranty this will make your home more desirable to buyers.  Buyers will have more peace of mind in thinking about the purchase of your home.

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