Home Insurance: To know up Front.


I have had recent experience with 2 national insurance companies.  Allstate and Farmers.  Of course these may not be the only ones.  When obtaining or quote or looking to change companies you may want to consider the following. 

The insurance agent you are talking to sells for an insurance company. They will give you a quote and you may think this is great.  What can happen with the main company is that once you policy is placed with the company the company sends out an individual that goes out to your home and makes a judgement call on the condition of your home.  That individual will require you to do certain repairs.  Some repairs may be necessary and fair.  If you do not agree and do not do them they will cancel your insurance upon your rejection to do those repairs.  Be aware!  Ask the insurance company what their procedure is. You may be paying a little more than what they might quote you to get your business hoping your home will pass the inspectors opinion of your property. 

If you do not agree to do the repairs requested they will immediately cancel you and then your are looking for a new insurance company.  Now that you have been canceled you run the risk of paying a higher premium and a lower credit score.  Be sure to ask the insurance company you are getting a quote from their process.  If they do an inspection I would ask them to do that before moving your insurance or even when buying home to have them go by before giving them your business.

 I personally am going to look at local independent insurance companies rather than the National Insurance Companies.


George Kaup